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January 30, 2012

My team at work was working on some code katas and refactoring examples last week when came upon a particularly terrible piece of code. I won’t post the code in question, but let’s just say it consisted of nearly a dozen nested if statements. One of the devs was quick to term the awfulness as “IFception”.

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Old Website

It’s Always the Little Things

January 21, 2012

I had some time to kill this evening, so I figured I’d address some minor nagging issues with the site. One of which, was that Chrome did not seem to be auto-discovering my RSS feed correctly. I thought I had everything set up right, and it seemed to get picked up by Firefox and IE just fine, but never in Chrome. So where would one begin with solving this issue?

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Filtering Errors in ELMAH

August 28, 2011

There are very few projects I enjoy more than ELMAH. If you’ve never heard of it, please check out the project site for more details. It is essentially an open source gift from the software gods that lets lazy people like me easily do application-wide error logging. I use it on this blog and have no complaints. However as I intended, I will receive emails for every exception encountered. Even on a low-traffic site such as this, I end up with an absurd amount of 404 errors. So it would be nice if I could ignore the 404 errors and continue to be notified of the others.

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Craftsmanship, Old Website, Testing

Easy Mocking With FakeItEasy

September 1, 2010

While there are already plenty of good mocking frameworks available for .NET, two more frameworks have been recently released and I figured I’d do a quick overview on both. First I’ll cover FakeItEasy, and in a future post I’ll take a look at NSubstitute. The first is FakeItEasy, a framework “designed for ease of use and for compatibility with both C# and VB.NET”. Sounds good right? It even got a lofty endorsement from Roy Osherove, author of The Art of Unit Testing, who said “it’s a no brainer – FakeItEasy is the new Moq.”. That is a big claim given how simple Moq is to use and read.

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