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Book Review – Steal Like An Artist

April 7, 2012

One of the best things about Twitter is seeing what stuff the people I follow recommend or promote. Given most of us are in the same industry, it only makes sense that I take a look and see if a particular book, blog post, or screencast can be useful to me. I’ve seen several people over the past couple of weeks tweeting/re-tweeting about this “Steal Like An Artist” book by Austin Kleon. I took a quick look at it on Amazon, but wasn’t quite sure if it would be very beneficial to someone like me. However, the reviews were excellent and it was only 8 dollars (for either Kindle or Paperback edition), so I said what the hell and purchased it anyway.

Book cover of Steal Like An Artist

That turned out to be a wise decision. I discovered very quickly that this book was useful for everyone, regardless of profession. The information in this book can be applied to a lot more than just your day job or hobby. We’re all creating something, whether it be software, music, or a better way of life. It is a very good book filled with great ideas to help you be creative, presented in a quick and easy to read manner.


  • Extremely entertaining book filled with great information and ideas to spark your creativity.
  • A quick read. Doesn’t waste much time getting to the point, says what needs to be said.
  • Presented in a way that anyone would find useful, regardless of profession.


  • Some information like the staying out of debt part could have been left out. That’s just basic common sense to be successful at anything.
  • Didn’t bother me, but I can see some people being put off by the size of the book. There are 160 pages, but it reads a lot quicker than that. The few negative reviews on Amazon all seem to have complaints relating to this.


I give it a 4.5 out of 5. I found this book very enjoyable and recommend it to everyone to pickup. It will only run you a couple bucks and there isn’t much of a time investment to read it either. It’s written in a very entertaining style and packed with great material that I’m sure most of you will enjoy.

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