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Book Review – HTML & CSS

April 5, 2012

It might sound surprising, but I never actually learned HTML. I remember purchasing a book on HTML back in highschool, but I never did finish it. Over the years I picked up a bit of HTML or CSS here and there, but still never really knew it. I’ve found myself doing a lot more plain HTML & CSS recently, especially due to the powerful changes in HTML5, so I figured I should read up a bit. Several people recommended the HTML & CSS book by Jon Duckett on Twitter, so I decided to give it a shot.

Book cover of HTML & CSS

It wasn’t a very tough sell. It is on a topic I wanted to read more about, it has almost unanimous positive reviews on Amazon, and it’s only $17 for the paperback version of the book. It is also by far the best designed technical book I’ve ever seen. Just check out the Amazon page or the official website for some samples to see what I mean.

What about the content?

Simply put, it is very good. The book starts off with some really basic information, such that a complete beginner could begin learning how to create a website. But the book eventually covers a lot of great material. It was perfect for someone like me who knew quite a bit, but had plenty of gaps in knowledge that needed to be filled. Another thing I really liked about the book was that it was a quick read for being roughly 500 pages. I tend to have a serious case of TL;DR these days, especially with technical books, so I was worried I’d have to skip around a lot. The book flows well and is broken up into easy to digest chapters. Add in the awesome design and you can fly through this book and still learn a lot.


I give it a **4.5 out of 5**. An excellent and enjoyable read for those wanting to learn about web design or fill in the gaps. If you’re already really knowledgeable about HTML & CSS, then you probably want to skip this one, as you’ll likely be bored. So keep that in mind, this book wasn’t designed to be a complete reference for all there is in relation to web design. For everyone else, I absolutely recommend looking into this one.

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