Developer, mentor, trainer, & coach. The George Costanza of software development. Wannabe weightlifter. Avid baker who loves Laffy Taffy jokes.


A graduate of Kent State University, I have been in the software industry for over a decade. I followed the traditional route from developer to senior developer to team lead, before taking on a role as a coach.

This coaching role initially served to help reinforce agile practices and principles without our organization but evolved over time into my current role at MRI Software in Solon, OH where I currently work as a Software Development Coach and team lead.

As a coach, I run the training program for onboarding new engineers and the continuing education of all engineers in the company. This includes the development and execution of these training initiatives, as well as mentoring and pairing with developers. I also work closely with recruiting and the architecture teams within the organization.



Currently, I reside in the Cleveland area with my wife. Enjoying the erratic weather and consistently disappointing Browns football. I have always been a geek but found a strange interest in weightlifting and exercise science (although you wouldn’t know it if you’ve seen me recently) as well as cooking, particularly baking (Ahhh, now it makes sense).


About This Blog

Inconsistently blogging for the past decade under various domain names, but I do like to write, so I’m giving it another shot as “The Sweet Science of Coding”. I like boxing and I drew parallels between boxing and programming. Boxing is referred to the “Sweet Science” because of the balance between science and art. Software development is very similar, in that there are well-known techniques and patterns, but there is so much more to it. Otherwise, we could paint by the numbers and easily build good software and systems.

The goal of this blog is to help document what I’ve learned and my journey of continuous learning to become better in all aspects.


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